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Recent Pakistan floods have affected several areas of Pakistan, below maps are showing areas severely affected by heavy rains and floods 2010,2011, 2013 and 2015 .

2011 Flood Affected Areas- Map Digitizing and Shape File Creation

Below Map depicts the affected districts in flood 2011. As seen, the districts neighboring the Indus river which is the main river in Pakistan been hardest hit. The map shows that the Pak floods 2011 affected the districts of the KPK, PUNJAB but severely affected Sindh Provinces.

Flood Planning and Land Management

Floods in Pakistan are the most damaging of all disasters. Every year floods in Pakistan take thousands of lives,adversely affect millions of lives, leave millions of people homeless and cause properties, infrastructures and  financial losses worth billions of dollars. Flood management, planning, flood inundation maps and flood hazard mapping using GIS play a key role in assessment and mitigation of the potential flood hazards.

Pakistan Flood 2015 and Its destruction

Source: Nadra, Pakistan

Flood2010 Serverly Affected Areas.jpg Flood2011 Serverly Affected Areas.jpg Flood2013 Serverly Affected Areas.jpg Flood2015 Serverly Affected Areas.jpg Worst affected areas due to flood 2010 Georeferenced and  Digitized Map Worst affected areas due to flood 2011 Georeferenced and  Digitized Map Worst affected areas due to flood 2013 Georeferenced and  Digitized Map Worst affected areas due to flood 2015 Georeferenced and  Digitized Map Download Shapefile Download Shapefile Download Shapefile Download Shapefile





Hazard Maps - Pakistan Flood Risk Map FLOODS 2010 . 2011 . 2013 . 2015 ANALYSIS THROUGH GIS MAP

The below map is showing how manay areas affected by  Pakistan  flood 2010 and  showing also 2010 Pakistan floods affected total areas with provinces, districts name  and Indus River . The Indus River has been responsible for all major floods in Pakistan including the floods of 2010, 2011, 2014. In Pakistan there are more than 60 rivers but Indus River is the largest of all. Indus River flows from north to south and collects water from all small and large rivers and finally drops into the Arabian Sea, Karachi, Pakistan. The disastrous flood of 2010 along the Indus River began in July with heavy monsoon rainfall and rapidly affected approximately one-fifth of Pakistan's total land area.

A fifth of the country’s land was flooded in 2010 floods
20 million people affected with more than 6 million homeless
43 billion USD material losses
2,000 People were reported dead and 2024 injured
895,259 homes were destroyed
1.9 million houses were damaged

Source: National Disaster Management Authority ( NDMA)

The 2010 floods were the country's worst in recorded history.

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