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Every Dollar/Rupee donated to our general fund will provide immediate relief and vital services to the poorest of the poor and most vulnerable people.


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NWHO is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief, and has agreed to comply with the 10 principles of the Code.

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“Education for all" is the motto at NWHO as it is an essential part of our development strategy. All children deserve a good schooling so they can contribute their knowledge and skills to society. At NWHO we ensure equal opportunities regardless of race, color, religion and caste so everyone can reach their full potential and be a part of their country's development. We offer education through raising awareness, building primary schools and renovating old ones along with offering support to a range of primary, secondary and higher education institutions. Also we help to develop the opportunities available to both teachers and stakeholders.

We also have a scholarship program to identity and assist talented students who can't afford primary, secondary and higher education. This allows these gifted individuals to leave behind the poverty cycle for better things, such as developing ownership and a sense of responsibility.

NWHO's vision is that all children have access to good quality education. New World Hope is running the educational, training, Awarness and skill development projects in the different areas where the need is much appreciated.  In our educational programs we are providing all necessary needs and assistance to helpless and needy children i.e. all sort of help to get admission in schools and colleges through our scholarship program, the renovation of schools & college, and assisting them in form of monthly fees, uniforms text books and stationary. NWHO is also supporting the several tuition centers, academies, computer training centres, schools and colleges by providing educational materials, childrens books, school books, reference books and used computers.


Our vision is that all children have access to good quality primary education.

Program Highlights

 NWHO Scholarships & Talent Awards

Due to increasing expenses in education and poverty, more than 70 % of the students in Pakistan are not able to carry on their education. According to UNESCO Pakistan is facing a challenge of the low literacy as compared to other countries and it has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. In this scenario NWHO has been helping the needy/ low-income students since 2006 by providing books, uniforms and tuition fees. The NWHO scholarships give the poor children new options to break out of the cycle of poverty and give courage to the whole family. The number of scholarships award we offer depends on the funds raised every year varies by program.

NWHO Skill Development Program - Economic Empowerment Through Livelihood Training

In 2006 NWHO initiated skills development program with the aim to alleviate poverty and economically empower disadvantaged youth through training and skill development. Later the A1 Skills Trade Promotion & Training Organization project was established to further the mission of Skill Development Program and to help disadvantaged youth by providing income generating skills training courses.


Flood Relief, Non food item Distribution 2014-2015

Assistance for IDPs and Returnees in Mardan –( 2014)

Supplying and Installing Water Pipes in Nowshera– (2015)

Assistance to IDPs in Pakistan –( 2010)

Procurement of Food and Non Food Items for Returnees in Pakistan –(2014)

Shelter Rehabilitation and Providing Assistance to Vulnerable Populations in KPK –( 2015)

Emergency Relief of FI & NFI in Karradah, Nowshera –(2007)

Emergency Distribution of FI & NFI to 3500 Vulnerable IDPs, Mardan– (2009)

Highlight of prominent disaster relief activities

Here is a highlight of prominent NWHO activities and projects


Please feel free to contact at to ask further information about our projects or future partnerships with us.

Education Activities

We have implemented many activities and projects in education sector, in collaboration with local CBO here is a highlight of some of them:

Education School for Vulnerable Children: Funded by Faraj, implemented in Nowshera and Charadadda Districts between November 2010 and June 2012.

NWHO launched a new program in partnership with Faraj, called "Establishing Community Learning Centers in Rawalpinid, District for Literacy and Life Skills Program. The program was implemented between June 2013 and May 2014.

Nahe Dunya computer literacy programme that…

Mission Education