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Every Dollar/Rupee donated to our general fund will provide immediate relief and vital services to the poorest of the poor and most vulnerable people.


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Clean drinking water, safe hygiene practices and proper sanitation are essential for everyone but the global water and sanitation crisis overwhelmingly affects the poor especially, leaving almost one billion people without clean drinking water, 2.4 billion without access to hygienic sanitation facilities while 1.2 billion lack any sanitation facilities at all.  An average of 5000 children die daily because of water and sanitation related diseases, all easily preventable. The lack of hygiene, sanitation and clean drinking water cause diseases ranging from gastro-intestinal infections to hepatitis and tuberculoses.


Give Clean Water-Save Lives

Only 3% of Earth’s water is fresh water. 97% of the Earth is salt water.

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Clean Water Changes Everything.


No Water ! No Future
Local Partnership & Community Ownership
Evaluation &  Monitoring
Education & Training

How do we tackle the water challenges?

We believe local communities themselves know best how to solve their own problems and we recognize the energy, skill and wisdom of local people as greatest resource for social change. That's why we partner with communities and community based organizations to find the best sustainable solution that meet communities' water needs & eliminate waterborne

Sustainable access to safe water via education | training.

Access to safe drinking water changed the lives of people as well as water becomes safe when people understand the role & importance of hygiene & sanitation play. Our water program works both with training local community, religious & political leaders as well as educating individuals & families & school children. We conduct educational/info workshops for youth & parents

Water and sanitation tools.

Based on the specific needs and location of the individuals and communities we develop an implementation plan working to assist poor individuals & communities in the developing world to gain access to safe drinking water and sanitation through digging wells and drilling boreholes; building tanks, roof rainwater harvesting schemes, latrines and training in water

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting &  Improvement.

We follow up & monitor the individuals, families & communities served, measuring the impacts of the programs by evaluating and reporting project performance and making essential modifications to support precise, regular & positive use of safe water programs and practices. Our rigorous approach to monitoring, evaluation, accountability &

Safe drinking water supply & sanitation program will:

     Improve access to safe drinking water & sustainable supply of water.

     Improve health, lives, income & opportunity.

     Improve the sanitary & hygienic conditions.

     Increase awareness on sanitary, hygienic issues & about water-borne diseases,


Drinking contaminated water can lead to adverse health effects, including gastrointestinal illness (vomiting, hepatitis A & diarrhea etc.), reproductive problems, and neurological disorders (brain tumors, epilepsy, parkinson's disease, stroke etc.).

Poor well construction, improper use of contaminated drill tools, casing pipe or placement

Millions of people especially women still have to walk many miles each day to fetch clean water “sometimes in dangerous conditions” to meet their basic needs. WHO estimated that the average person uses approx 25 litres per day for drinking, cooking and own hygiene. However, more water will be needed for clothes washing in this regard people especially women have to walk many

An average good condition well can provide clean water for drinking and sanitation up to two thousand people of the area and can produce daily up to three thousand liters. Our solutions offers complete well drilling and installation of well pumps, irrigation pumps assistance and provide clean water wells to help impoverished communities gain access to clean water. In our water well digging program

Safe drinking water is not readily available for 663 million people around the world (UNICEF and World Health Organization 2015) especially in the rural population they consume river and canal water without any treatment because of unawareness, illiteracy, un-affordability of buying water filter systems.

We provide clean water to needy families in rural areas

Some parts of the world are very dry, hot & receives very less rainfall for a long period of time & water supply does not meet the water demands of people & animals thus in such situation droughts may happen & it may become a serious disaster & impact on the local people, agriculture, river navigation and the environment. Many people in drought area do not have access to safe drinking water. Instead,